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What the Bishops Won't Tell You: The Secret History of Sex, Choice and Catholics

  • When: Monday, February 26, 2018 @ 6:30 pm
  • Where: TBD, TBD, New Orleans, LA view map

What is the truth behind the Catholic hierarchy's opposition to contraception, abortion and other reproductive and sexual health issues? Join Catholics for Choice and the New Orleans Abortion Fund for a screening of “The Secret History of Sex, Choice and Catholics.” The screening will be held in downtown New Orleans. Please RSVP at by 10pm on Saturday, February 24 for details on location. Snacks and drinks will be provided. This film sets the record straight about Catholic social teaching on issues related to sex and sexuality and features interviews with leading experts in the fields of Catholic theology, philosophy and ethics. Topics to be discussed include:

Abortion & Contraception
Religion in Public Policy
Sex & Sexuality
New Reproductive Health Technologies

Join us for this exciting opportunity, connect with like-minded activists and learn more about what you can do to be a strong advocate and clear voice for reproductive healthcare access in your community.


Last Supper Dinner Club - March

  • When: Monday, March 05, 2018 @ 6:30 pm
  • Where: La Casita, 8400 Oak St, New Orleans, LA 70118, New Orleans, LA view map

Join your friends and enjoy Mexican food and a variety of margaritas at La Casita, which boasts an extra-long Happy Hour (from 3-7pm). Last time, we liked the food, the drinks, the space, and the company, but were unhappy about the music-- this time around, they have promised to turn it down so that we can talk. (We'll be reminding them of that again!) +++ Please keep us up to date on your ability to make the dinner by using the RSVP function as soon as your plans change. It's very helpful for us to know how many folks are joining us, not just for the restaurant seating, but for the folks on the waiting list. We check the RSVPs right up until the last minute, and it's never too late to exercise good manners and let us know if you're not joining us, so we can get on with the eating! (Nothing sadder than a group of hungry folks at a table, trying to figure out if they should wait for someone who isn't coming...)


Can we derive a secular spirituality from the seasons?

  • When: Saturday, March 17, 2018 @ 2:30 pm
  • Where: Jefferson Parish Library, 4747 W. Napoleon Ave., Metairie, LA view map

As we look forward to the vernal equinox (the first day of Spring), Bart Everson will engage in a community discussion on the question, “Can we derive a secular spirituality from the seasons?” Everson’s book, "Spinning in Place", outlines a this-worldly approach to spirituality for the scientifically-minded. “As a longtime atheist, I’m skeptical of many expressions of religiosity,” Everson writes. “But over the years I’ve learned to see much of value in religion as well. To be fully human, we must be open to the full range of human experience. I wrote this book to show one way that humanists, atheists, agnostics, freethinkers and skeptics might celebrate what it means to be alive here on this planet. Further, by placing a focus on the natural world, we can learn to be better citizens of the Earth.”

Everson is known in the New Orleans area for his role in kickstarting the Lafitte Greenway, a 2.5 mile rail-trail which connects neighborhoods in the heart of the city. His first full-length book, "Spinning in Place" focuses on a series of seasonal celebrations which include the solstices, the equinoxes, and the lesser-known “cross-quarter days.” Taken together, they form eight holidays spaced evenly throughout the year and have served as a principle focus of Neo-Pagan spiritual practice.

It’s “a clear and thought-provoking guide to the festival year” according to James Nichol, author of "Contemplative Druidry: People, Practice and Potential", who calls the book “highly recommended.”

Bart Everson is a writer, an artist, an activist, a teacher, a baker of bread, a husband and a father. His formative years were in Indiana and northern Sweden, and he has lived in New Orleans since 1999. He writes a column for Mid-City Messenger and Humanistic Paganism. More information is available at


Volunteering with Second Harvest Foodbank - March

  • When: Saturday, March 24, 2018 @ 11:30 am
  • Where: Second Harvest Food Bank, 700 Edwards Avenue, New Orleans, LA view map

It’s time to volunteer again!

One of our most popular and well-attended activities as a group has been working with the Second Harvest organization where we sort and box donated food for families in need in New Orleans and the surrounding parishes.

We are thankful for the efforts of NOSHA board member Glenn Pearl who has been our contact person, setting up our volunteer shifts and keeping us involved.

√ The warehouse is not climate controlled so please dress accordingly. Jeans, shorts and t-shirts are acceptable. It should be cooler, so come prepared.

√ Outside work is un-shaded, we have sunscreen available, but it is recommended to bring sunglasses, hats and any other necessary sun protection.

√ YOU MUST WEAR CLOSED TOE SHOES! Anyone wearing flip-flops or sandals will not be permitted to work the shift.

√ Cold water bottles are available for all volunteers.

√ Minimum age to volunteer at Second Harvest is 9 years old.


Chalmette Cemetery Volunteer Opportunity

  • When: Thursday, March 29, 2018 @ 9:00 am
  • Where: Chalmette Battlefield & National Cemetery, 8606 West Saint Bernard Highway, Chalmette, LA view map

• What we'll do
Chalmette National Cemetery Volunteer Month is March 17-30, so some NOSHA friends are signing up to help out!

Volunteers will learn how to properly document, realign, and clean headstones through hands-on work, while gaining a deeper understanding of Chalmette National Cemetery through a brief interpretative program.

Everyone must officially register to volunteer here:

• What to bring

• Important to know